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Yvette Thomas, Salon Trenz founder/owner, has been an inspiration in the hair industry. She continues to share expert knowledge and experience for business and clients for personal success, from hair care to business ownership.

Yvette has tailored two informal presentations, one on healthy hair nutrition, and the other on salon ownership. These presentations will inspire success in hair care and an entrepreneurial experience.


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healthy hair and you

The Healthy Hair and You presentation covers nutritional tips, basic care, and offers techniques for healthy hair and maintenance. This informal instruction promotes healthy hair through nutrition and application.  Techniques will focus on core and creative hair care for personal knowledge, looks, or for a professional career.

salon trenz for entrepreneurs

This salon entrepreneurial program is designed for licensed cosmetologists who are passionate, committed, and ready for salon ownership. Through the presentation, insight on foundational aspects for salon start-ups and management will be gained to launch a successful business in the hair industry.  This personable and informative presentation will inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in anyone ready to move forward to realize their salon dreams.  

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