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For many women, their hair is a crown of glory. Thinning hair or loss is not just a guy thing and the emotional impact can become devastating. It’s not easy to live with. Most women experiencing hair changes notice it at mid-life, but it can happen at any age due to a variety of reasons.

The study of hair and scalp problems involves assessment of the causes and treatment. Hair thinning and loss can appear gradually or suddenly depending on why it’s happening and usually is an indicator there’s an imbalance in the body. It might be connected to hereditary, hormonal imbalance, stressful situations, medication/medical history, excessive styling, and radiation.


As a trained Hair Loss & Non-Surgical Hair Specialist, I use a holistic approach to suggesting individual treatment. My support is to those who may be suffering hair thinning, frailty, loss or scalp conditions.




In an informal meeting, we will focus on your hair or scalp concerns. Breakage, traction, hereditary, vitamin deficiency and hormonal imbalance are both symptoms and causes of hair loss.


Looking and listening are advantages of the meeting. Benefits of meeting with you allows me to:


  • See and assess your hair

  • Explain what hair loss is and how it’s happening

  • Determine if an alternative is available for your hair loss or scalp condition




Being a master stylist and a hair loss specialist, I know hair and the scalp! I help you with your hair concerns, offering the best solution for your condition.  I’m passionate about healthy hair and know the positive emotions of having healthy hair. I’m motivated to offer the best solution to care for, stimulate regrowth, and repair your hair. I’m looking to get you back to confidence, peace and satisfaction.

The process begins with examining the scalp and obtaining helpful important personal information to find out what’s happening, such as your lifestyle, diet, medical/genetic history, and styling routine. Based on the information and evaluation, I will establish recommendations to address your issues. This may include nutrition, lifestyle or environment changes for bring healing and to improve the appearance of your hair and scalp.



Not all hair growth and restoration require surgery. Causes and care for each case is different, and treatment depends on type of loss, scalp health and causes.


Tips or treatment to help protect, heal and restore your hair are unique from giving it tender loving care, massaging the scalp, a new healthy diet to removing stress. Dietary habits and everyday living play a key part too. Just making nutritional changes and taking vitamins,  can greatly contribute to hair or scalp restoration.

Benefits resulting from treatment may include:


  • Prevent or slowdown hair thinning, loss or breakage

  • Remedy for scalp condition

  • Understanding balanced, healthy diet impact

  • Mental/emotional health uplift, stress elimination

  • Healthy physical check-ups

  • Gradual or sudden repair/restoration


Hair loss due to disease, aging, heredity or physical injuries may not be fixable.


TAKE your first step towards finding the most fitting solution. Come in for an informal consultation TODAY!

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