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Hello everyone. This is Rev. Dr. Deb.

Just want to give a shout out to my wonderful, professional hair stylist, Yvette Thomas!

Yvette truly cares about her clients and their hair. She not only keeps my hair clean, styled but also treated. Her hair growth treatments have helped my hair go from being thin, short, and unhealthy to be thick, long, and healthy again!!

So I highly recommend Yvette, this awesome woman of God, as your hair stylist. I guarantee that you will leave as a satisfied customer and believing that BEAUTY IS YOU!!!

Kudos Yvette! God bless you!!



We  were recommended by our Coach G Nikki Geckler), Howard University Basketball Coach. She gets fabulous haircuts by Salon Trenz. We came in as four basketball players and left as Four Fierce Divas!!


I got highlights that really compliment my skin complexion. I love the way my hair turned out!


My experiences at others salons have been a blessings "only'" to find out that there is a big difference from going to a hairstylist that has no personal interest in my hair, but only what she can charge me, where as the prices have been outrageous. Money is not the issue "if" I am satisfied. My experience here at Salon Trenz has been totally different. Ms. Yvette cares about the condition and growth of my hair. She takes her time and her only motive is to make sure I'm pleased and happy.  Thank you for caring about your clients the way you do. 



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