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hair care

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Hair Comb

Are you experiencing hair changes like

thinning hair, hair breakage or hair loss?

Is your crown showing through your hair style?

Do you have an unnatural part that is getting wider?


If Yes to any of the above,

your hair changes may be signs of hair loss.


Trenz Holistic Hair Care

provides a caring and dedicated approach to bring the best, effective and quality solution to each individual case.

The wait is Over! The time is Right!

REGAIN your confidence

and lifestyle, keep your hair loss from getting worse.

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For many women, their hair is a crown of glory. Thinning hair or loss is not just a guy thing and the emotional impact can become devastating. It’s not easy to live with. Most women experiencing hair changes notice it at mid-life, but it can happen at any age due to a variety of reasons.

The study of hair and scalp problems involves assessment of the causes and treatment. Hair thinning and loss can appear gradually or suddenly depending on why it’s happening and usually is an indicator there’s an imbalance in the body. It might be connected to hereditary, hormonal imbalance, stressful situations, medication/medical history, excessive styling, and radiation.



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