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dr. yvette thomas
Certified Hair Loss Practitioner
Hair Care Specialist
Master Stylist 
Salon Owner
I love sharing my gift ...

Hi, Welcome!

I am founder/owner of Salon Trenz. I’ve been in the industry for 30 years. My career began after graduating from Laurel Vocational High School, then led to becoming a platform artist for Albert Culver, working with the MOTIONS hair product line. I opened my first salon. I received a doctorate degree in professional cosmetology from the National Beauty Cultures League (NBCL). I continue staying educated participating in numerous training, keeping up to date with industry trends. My newest endeavor is hair loss evaluation and treatment.

I recognize my artistry is God-given, a blessing I love sharing to excite others. As a hair care specialist, one of my dedicated efforts is healthy hair,  beautiful hair. I love custom coloring and creating signature cuts with styling. In 2019 and 2012, my created looks were featured in Sophisticate’s Black Hair magazine and others including Black Passion, Hype Hair and Style Q.

A few favorite things being in the industry, involves instructing clients on simple hair care for healthy hair and maintaining the look they love from salon to the next new look. Another favorite, joy expressed by  clients, and the connections made over the years.

When she is not styling, Yvette loves dancing and showing family and friends she is a pool playing superstar.​

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