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dr. yvette 
Certified Hair Loss Practitioner
Natural Hair Care Specialist
Master Stylist
Salon Owner


Yvette Thomas, founder/owner of Salon Trenz in Lanham, Maryland. She began her career with a professional doctorate degree in cosmetology from the National Beauty Cultures League (NBCL). With 30 years in the industry, Yvette is known for precision cuts and styling, and as a talented, expert colorist. She stays educated, trained, and skilled, and remains a sought-after master stylist. In 2018, Dr. Thomas was certified as a hair loss practitioner.

Yvette is extremely passionate and that is easily recognized in her hair artistry which continues to receive recognition. Her talented expert coloring, custom cuts, and “signature styling” have been in Sophisticate’s Black Hair magazine, January through March 2012, and last featured in the February 2019. Her trendy looks have also been in the Black Passion, Hype Hair and Style Q magazines. Yvette loves giving beyond the salon. She has provided funeral hair service and volunteer styling for the American Cancer Society.


Yvette Thomas recognizes her artistry is God-given. She remains humbled and a confident “go-to” stylist for those who like standing out from the rest while feeling their best.


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